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2 different women carjacked in Whitehaven in 2-day span

2 different women carjacked in Whitehaven in 2-day span

Jeremy Pierre

Updated: May 17, 2018 – 7:12 PM

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A Horn Lake woman was attacked and carjacked while leaving a shopping center in Whitehaven.

The victim told police she was leaving a shopping center in the 4200 block of Elvis Presley. As she was opening the driver’s side door, a suspect grabbed, pushed, hit and bit her on the right arm.

The woman was forced away from her car. The three suspects got in and drove off, according to a police report.

Police in Memphis were unable to locate the car, but officers in Southaven pulled it over Tuesday and found four girls inside.

Two days after the woman was attacked on Elvis Presley, a woman was carjacked at a Citgo on Winchester in Whitehaven.

The victim told police she finished pumping gas when she was approached by two men armed with handguns. The suspects took her keys and stole the car.

Hours later, the stolen car was spotted on Fairley Road in Whitehaven. Three juveniles were standing near the car, and when officers arrived they tried to run away, according to a police report.

Police caught the three suspects. Javion Robinson was found behind a nearby house. The other two suspects, who are juveniles, were found in the backyard of a home and the garage of a home in the area.

The third juvenile had the keys to the stolen car in his pocket. All three were taken into custody. We are working to learn what charges they will face.