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7 Reasons Why SHA Wellness Clinic Is The Ultimate Retreat

7 Reasons Why SHA Wellness Clinic Is The Ultimate Retreat

Photo: Courtesy of SHA Wellness Clinic

Wellness travel has been hugely popular over the past couple of years. As many of us seek ways to better ourselves while simultaneously exploring new locales, it would seem that every hotel has developed some sort of program to lure in those who want to improve their physical and mental health. But if you are searching for a fully immersive experience that prioritizes results, SHA Wellness Clinic is the real deal. Providing a multitude of treatments and the expertise of a highly trained medical team, this center is all about helping their guests reach their desired goals. Below, a closer look at just what makes SHA such an exceptional retreat.

1. Programs And Treatments Are Completely Personalized

While there are 14 programs to choose from, each one is personalized to your individual ne and additional treatments can be added to supplement your plan or target additional objectives. Upon arrival guests fill out a detailed health survey and meet with the appropriate doctors to address any questions or concerns. All members of the medical team are highly educated and trained in their respective sectors and contribute to the process. Throughout your stay you’ll have access to these experts, who can advise you on any adjustments that need to be made should you feel like you’re not achieving your goals.

2. It’s Not All About Weight Loss, Fitness, And Nutrition

While weight loss, fitness, and nutrition are certainly a big part of SHA, the clinic goes far beyond those focuses and offers several other programs. Including sleep recovery, healthy ageing, and stress management, there’s something for every wellness goal. There are also a number of specialized treatments available, such as cognitive health development, genomic and preventive medicine, derma aesthetics, osteopathy, anti-smoking medicine, and health energy. If you can think of it, they probably have something for it; the options are seemingly endless.

3. The Food Is Both Nutritious And Delicious

To help you meet your goals, food here is organic, healthy, energizing, and well balanced. Combining Mediterranean and Japanese traditions using seasonal ingredients—some of which are sourced from the on-property garden—meals are also free of meat, refined sugar, eggs, and dairy. There are three menus to choose from: SHA, the gastronomic option; Biolight, an “intermediate” offering that usually includes fish three times a week and pasta twice a week; and Kushi, the strictest and most restrictive diet that presents smaller portions and an absence of oil, baked flour, nuts, and oats. For those who have a sweet tooth, fret not, guilt-free desserts are part of the plan as well. Despite the lack of so many ingredients, the fare still manages to be flavorful and delicious, and if you want to learn the tricks of the trade, daily cooking classes will help you bring these healthful practices home.

Photo: Courtesy of SHA Wellness Clinic

4. The Spa Area Is A Total Dream

While many of us consider spas to be a source for pampering, SHA’s Hydrotherapy Circuit also doubles as a space for wellness and restoration. Outfitted with indoor pools, saunas, massage benches, a steam room, ice fountain, and a variety of underwater jets, there are numerous options to help you detox, relax, or alleviate tired muscles. And if you’re looking for some fresh air, there’s also an outdoor infinity pool on the rooftop that’s ideal for those seeking some rays in addition to terraces decked out with sunb.

5. A Schedule Of Daily Activities Will Get You Moving On And Off The Property

Every day there’s a schedule of mostly complimentary group activities that teach guests how to begin and maintain healthy habits. Dubbed as the Healthy Living Academy, these classes include morning hikes to the nearby lighthouse, total body conditioning, and yoga. There are also some evening events to keep you entertained, such as live music, healthy cocktails with the general manager, and screenings at the cinema.

Photo: Courtesy of SHA Wellness Clinic

6. New Residences Are Luxurious and Family-Friendly

With the addition of 11 residences last year, travelers who seek more space have the option of booking one of the two- or three-bedroom accommodations. With it comes added privacy, a kitchen, and expansive terraces outfitted with an infinity pool. And if you opt for the nearly 5,400-square-foot penthouse, there’s the added bonus of a Jacuzzi, barbecue, gym, and wellness area. Plus, while the clinic doesn’t allow children at their facilities, guests now have the opportunity to bring their little ones with the residences and a whole host of kid-friendly activities and menus are available to keep the little tikes entertained.

7. The Regular Suites Aren’t Bad Either

While the standard suites may not come with all of the bells and whistles that the residences do, they’re still great options. Starting at 750 square feet, they all have a furnished terrace and living room so that you have plenty of lounging space during your downtime. But if you do want to go all out without being removed from the clinic’s primary building, either the Presidential or Royal Suites serve as really sumptuous digs.