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A hotel room for the wellness generation

Described as ‘a guest’s personal wellness stage’, Five Feet to Fitness is an in-room fitness centre complete with bespoke fitness tutorials delivered via touch-screen display.

The brand that standardized hotel gyms over twenty years ago is deliberately pushing boundaries here – and it’s a nifty move. In the age of the instagram fitness tutorial, gyms are far from the only place that people do their exercise.

Bringing the gym into the bedroom is a smart way to meet the ever-more-agile guest on their own terms.

From such an established brand, Hilton’s new departure is an impressive investment in differentiation and delivering a benefit to such a specific segment of travellers. We’ll likely see a positive brand halo effect follow.

And, given the feature won’t be present in all rooms, could this help Hilton to achieve what the airlines managed? One reason to book direct is that you get to select your room like you would pick a specific seat on a plane. We’ll be interested to see.