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Airbnb’s trendiest spring break destinations are not where you might think

Airbnb’s trendiest spring break destinations are not where you might think

While spring break may have most people imagining busy beaches and umbrella-capped drinks, travellers with Airbnb are looking at some more unusual places to spend this year’s holiday.

The Rodrigo Gómez Reservoir is located in front of the town of Santiago, very close to Monterrey, Mexico. Image by Sergio Mendoza Hochmann

While warm weather is still on the cards for many, lots of travellers are heading away from the typical beach spots and instead looking for more unique cultural centers or unexplored regions. Based on percentage growth in year-over-year bookings between 1 March and 21 April, here are the top trending destinations on Airbnb.

Monterrey, Mexico (678%)

There’s a lot more to Mexico than just its beaches, and it seems travellers are taking note as they head to the north-eastern city of Monterrey, where culture, universities and nightlife abound.

Carolina, Puerto Rico (643%)

Immediately outside the capital of San Juan, this town is also home to the island’s major airport, Luis Muñoz Marín International. While this makes it an easy stop for travellers, the town is also close to the El Yunque National Forest.

The coastline of the state of São Paolo, Brazil. Image by Victor Pontes / EyeEm / Getty ImagesSantos, Brazil (432%)

The port city of Santos is less than two hour’s drive from São Paulo on the state’s coast, but offers up quick access to an incredible range of beaches. With Carnival running from 1 to 6 March, it’s no wonder the region is seeing a boost.

San Juan, Puerto Rico (392%)

As Puerto Rico continues to recover after the hurricanes in 2017, travellers are once again looking to the island for their spring holidays.

Guyam Island is near to Dapa, Philippines. Image by TanMan/Getty ImagesDapa, Philippines (380%)

This laid-back resort region is a top spot for surfers from around the world. But there’s also plenty to do for those without a board, from swimming in the beautiful waters, exploring waterfalls and forests, or just enjoying the sun.

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (338%)

St. Thomas is the gateway to the US Virgin Islands, popular with cruise ships and covered with big resorts. But travellers also have a chance to take part in more adventurous activities like swimming and kayaking.

Vladivostok, Russia (323%)

This fascinating Russian City is where many people start or end their trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, making it a great stop for travellers looking for adventure.

Colourful sunset over the Colorado River, deep in the Grand Canyon. Image by Dean Fikar/Getty ImagesWilliams, Arizona (315%)

As the gateway to the Grand Canyon, this iconic spot is seeing a surge in spring breakers as the park celebrates 100 years. It’s also the perfect place for those looking for a road trip.

The river Rhine at Cologne. Image by Matthias Haker Photography/Getty ImagesCologne, Germany (164%)

Cologne is home to one of the lesser-known Carnival event held around the world. There, visitors can join celebrations including parades, costumes, and a glass of Kölsch.

Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe (157%)

These islands in the Caribbean Sea have seen a boost among travellers, and are sure to welcome anyone looking for a relaxing beach holiday.