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Cam Newton releases new vlog on getting back in shape

Cam Newton releases new vlog on getting back in shape

The very best players in the National Football League treat their body as though it is a temple: A sacred object that must be conditioned and fine-tuned to perfection. Given that, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton takes care of his body with an uncommon level of precision. And ahead of the 2019 season, he has more reason than ever to make sure he is in peak physical condition.

Newton released the latest episode of his vlog on Friday, which covered how Newton has been getting back in shape ahead of his ninth year in the league.

“One thing about me, I always have to constantly do something benefiting the wellness of my body,” said Newton. “I think it’s extremely important for me. Even during the offseason, you have to really focus in and hone in, and not necessarily working harder (sic), but smarter. I’m a person who doesn’t take this opportunity for granted.”

Newton revealed that he is switching to a vegan diet for the offseason, citing how some of the strongest animals on Earth use plants as their source of protein. But more importantly, Newton gave a direct look into the work that he has been doing to re-gain a range of motion in his shoulder, which was surgical repaired in January after being injured for the second time in three seasons in 2018.

“There’s times just like any other recovery process there will be aches, pains. But I know it’s all for a good cause,” said Newton, who then discussed a February meeting that he had with Panthers general manager Marty Hurney, head coach Ron Rivera, and owner David Tepper.

“I think the main thing moving forward, as you would probably guess, is focusing on the well-being of my shoulder,” said Newton. “And without my shoulder, I’m pretty much nothing.”

To that end, Newton recently hired a physical trainer who has been working extensively with him on shoulder exercises and treatments. Newton stated that many of the techniques his trainer has been using are new, but have an “old twist” on them. Newton stated that he receives two to three treatments a day, and that his trainer has been a tremendous help to him.

“Having a person like that is something that I never thought I needed until now. And I need it more than ever,” said Newton. “Him being around, just the short period of time that he’s been there, has been astronomical for my growth. And I know moving forward, I owe a lot to him for getting me feeling the way I’m feeling.”

Beyond his shoulder, Newton stated that one of his goals each offseason is to make himself as “small” as he possibly can: Last year, Newton stated that he was able to get down to 242 pounds. This year, he is aiming to be anywhere from 235-238 pounds. In pursuit of that, Newton has begun taking boot camp classes to pair with cycling, treadmill and stairmaster use, and basketball.

“My mentality is always to try and get an hour of sweat in every single day,” said Newton. “If I’m not with my children, if I’m not doing anything business-related, if I’m not with my family, I’m doing something that’s gonna help me become a better football player. Straight up.

“I’m excited about this whole process. I’m feeling strong, I’m feeling more and more like myself. And I’m real eager to start getting cleared and adding new exercises to my rehabilitation program.”