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Complete Physical Therapy and Wellness opens in Fitchburg

Complete Physical Therapy and Wellness opens in Fitchburg

FITCHBURG – Ask how long the co-owners of Complete Physical Therapy and Wellness on 960 South St. have known each other and the response is complicated.

The long answer includes remembrances of past jobs and childbirths, as they try to untangle the intertwining of their lives of the past 15 to 20 years.

The short answer: “long enough to feel like sisters,” as co-owner and Fitchburg resident Alice Thompson put it. “The support and the trust amongst us is strong,” said Jennifer LeBlanc of Westminster, another co-owner.

This isn’t just a part of their lives, according to co-owner and Leominster resident Tamy Moses. It’s a part of the business practice. “It’s kind of the feel we want in the clinic,” Moses said. “Medicine is busy now. We want to (say) when the patients come in, ‘How’s your son doing?’ ” The center’s four physical therapists met while employed at HealthAlliance Hospital about two decades ago. Until recently they were all employed at various physical therapy providers around the region, but are now reconvening to jointly run Complete Physical Therapy and Wellness, which opened on Valentine’s Day.

Their friendship and differing specialties brought them back together, they said.

Moses specializes in backs, necks and joint replacement. Thompson specializes in women‘s health, prenatal and postpartum. Co-owner Theresa Brossard of Leominster and LeBlanc specialize in sports and pediatrics.

The 2,400-square-foot facility has four rooms for physical therapy, a gym and all new equipment.

Last week, Leominster resident Dick O’Brien, lying on a padded table in the gym, was raising and lowering a rod. O’Brien, who introduced himself as their “first patient” at the joint practice, is recovering from his second shoulder replacement. Therapy for his other shoulder replacement went smoothly, which he credits to one of the Complete Physical Therapy and Wellness therapists who worked with him at her former place of employment.

“I’ve got great range of motion,” he said.

“I’ve got great range throughout.”

While one-on-one therapy is their main focus, the owners say they want to be involved in the community “Because we all have kids in the community I think that outreach in the community is important for us. We all want to be involved in the community. We all want to be involved in sports groups,” Thompson said.

Brossard and LeBlanc said they have taught an injury prevention program to teams at Nashoba and Leominster High School.

All the physical therapists say they hope to continue and expand their outreach, including with Bodylines Pilates Studio located in the lower level of their building.

“We plan on doing a lot of community education and programs,” Brossard said.

Moses said the business’s logo was created by a Fitchburg State University student and all their printing is done by a Leominster company.

“We want to utilize our community resources,” she said.

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