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Cruises: Passengers to pay up to £20,000 for a spot on this luxury cruise

Cruises: Passengers to pay up to £20,000 for a spot on this luxury cruise

Each of the cruises aboard the Le Bougainville liner will offer only the best rooms, with no cabin falling below a “Deluxe stateroom”.

Meanwhile, limited capacity of just 92 suites hopes to provide guests onboard with star treatment.

However, with that luxury comes some price tags to match.

In fact, the most expensive room will see some high-flyers handing over as much as £20,000 per person for the ultimate cruise experience.

The Owner’s suite sits boasts magnificent views with huge surrounding windows and a massive 30-metre balcony.

Sleeping up to 4 guests, the suite also offers free spa treatments, a private transfer from airport to ship and private butler service as part of the package.

For customers looking for something slightly less ritzy, the ships also offers a range of spacious cabins ranging from £4,400 to £19,000 depending on the chosen route.

The French-owned cruise operator will be offering three separate voyages to the region, each promising its own unique experience.

The first route will take to the ocean in January, and offer a winter escape into the sun for travellers grown weary of winter weather.

Customers aboard the 9-day expedition cruise will depart from Victoria, Mahé and take in destinations including Curieuse Island, famous for its giant Aldabra tortoises, Praslin and the island of Aride.

Adventure seekers aboard will have the opportunity to dive or snorkel with the ship’s experienced diving instructor, getting up close with the heart of the Alphonse lagoon’s coral reef.

A second route will embark from February, and take guests on a 13-day tour spanning the same route but with longer to lap up the crystal blue waters and endless stretches of sand.

Those who opt for the longer expedition will also make a stop at the coral island of Desroches and La Digue.

A spring departure is also available from March, dubbed “the Vanilla Islands” cruise.

This route will set sail from Madagascar and make course for the Seychelles via the Comoros and Mayotte.

The 10-day itinerary will be an opportunity for travellers to take in the natural wonders of the region, including a double barrier reef rich in wildlife.

Opportunities for encounters with dolphins, rays, giant turtles and the regions last dugongs are listed as possibilities, though can not be guaranteed.