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Cuticle maintenance now in your own hands

Cuticle maintenance now in your own hands

It’s been a little more than eight weeks since we’ve all been asked to practice social distancing and quarantine in our homes, which means the responsibility of grooming yourself has fallen completely into your hands—including your regular manicure trips to the salon.

So, as you try to replicate the technique of your trusted nail technicians, don’t worry. Doing your own nails at home isn’t impossible. Sahara Singh, an MBA student, is doing the same. “I usually get my nails done once in two or three weeks, depending on my schedule. However, due to the lockdown, I’ve been doing it at home with the help of YouTube tutorials,” she says. Like Sahara, thousands of people have been doing at-home manicures, in turn igniting the new hashtag #quarantinenails.

But, if you’re not feeling confident enough to try your hand at a DIY professional manicure, now’s a good time to give your nails a break and let your natural nails strengthen up. Cora Jyd, the founder of The French Nails, a nail salon at Durbarmarg, says, “With nowhere to go, this is a perfect time to enhance the strength and growth of your nails.” To do so, Cora suggests, “Dip your nails for 10 mins in either olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or flaxseed oil. These oils are rich in omega 3 and 6, the essential nutrients for our cuticles.”

Whether you’re the type of person who religiously paints their nails as a form of self-care or someone who’s constantly picking and biting at their cuticles, we all yearn for healthy, perfectly manicured nails. Following proper care for the strength and growth of your nails and caring for your cuticles is just as important. So, Kritika Khawaunju, an independent nail artist, suggests the following easy steps to cuticle care: