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Entrepreneur who battled acne launches makeup for men

Entrepreneur who battled acne launches makeup for men

An entrepreneur who battled acne is hoping to break the stigma surrounding male cosmetics.

Alex Doyle, from Macclesfield, has launched skincare brand Altr for Men aimed at students and young professionals.

The 23-year-old has marketed the product in a witty way to decrease any awkwardness surrounding male makeup.

Although the products – which include a whisky-infused moisturiser and the Face Fix concealer – is about boosting confidence, his website jokingly includes a disclaimer that the products ‘may not guarantee sex’.

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Doyle came up with the idea for Altr in his fourth year studying history at Warwick University after years struggling to find an affordable, accessible cover-up product for men.

He said: “Since launching the brand we’ve had just about every kind of reaction you can imagine, particularly on social media – a few of my favourites include ‘isn’t makeup for girls?’, ‘why is Altr only for men?’, ‘can’t I just use women’s stuff? and ‘isn’t this concealer? Why are you trying to make it manly?’.

“The truth is, many guys feel uncomfortable about the prospect of buying makeup even though they know it could help them look and feel better when they need to impress.

“We’ve all been there when you’ve got a bit night out and an unsightly spot appears out of nowhere. Your confidence can take a pretty big hit, impacting your mood when you should be out having fun.

“Men who are pretty clued up on cosmetics are likely already using luxury brands. Altr For Men is trying to reach those who feel a bit nervous about purchasing makeup never mind working out how to apply it – or those who are slyly stealing their girlfriend’s concealer when a breakout occurs. That’s why we’ve made Face Fix as simple to use as possible.”

Since launching in March, Altr for Men has sold more than 2,500 products via its own website and Amazon.

Face Fix has been endorsed by reality TV stars Sam Thompson, of Made in Chelsea fame, and Gaz Beadle, who starred in Geordie Shore.

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The products have been designed for men, who scientifically have thicker skin than women that is less sensitive but more prone to acne.

The concealer provides high coverage and is easy to blend, acting as the final touch when an extra dose of confidence is needed – for example when a spot appears before a big date or interview, or to hide dark circles under the eyes after a big night out.

Doyle, who went to school in Manchester, added: “In the future, I’m planning to grow the line beyond moisturiser and Face Fix. Another major goal is to connect with male fashion and lifestyle retailers to get the products in stores.

“And the ultimate aim is to transform the public’s perception of makeup for men so guys don’t have to feel awkward about using products like Face Fix to help them feel at the top of their game.”