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Ex-TDP minister invested in film industry?..

Ex-TDP minister invested in film industry?..

It is quite common that several big industrialists, businessmen and even political leaders pump their “black money” into the film industry and Tollywood is no exception.

Many of these big people invest their big monies in the Telugu films or just lend the money at high interest rates.

Even media channel heads and newspaper owners are also evincing interest in diverting their black money into the films. This has been the latest trend in Tollywood.

Of late, a former Telugu Desam Party minister, whose name is being linked to a major scam that was unearthed recently, is also learnt to have made huge investment in the Telugu films.

This leader has reportedly financed a popular production house that has created a storm in the industry and paid big money to artistes towards advance.

A middleman, known in the industry circles with his two letter name, is said to be mediating between this ex-minister and the production house, as he is closer to both the sides.

Sources said this politician had pumped nearly Rs 25 crore into this production house for making films.

Now that the scam has surfaced involving his name prominently, the producers are said to be worried whether the investigation into this scam would lead to their production house.

Since most of the money transfer was done online, they wonder whether they would also be in trouble if the investigation deepens.