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Film freebies courtesy of RiverRun, OUT at the Movies

Film freebies courtesy of RiverRun, OUT at the Movies

The RiverRun International Film Festival and Indie Lens Pop-Up will present three screenings of the award-winning hour-long documentary The Providers beginning Sunday.

Produced, directed and photographed by Laura Green and Anna Moot-Levin, The Providers follows Matt Probst, Chris Ruge, and Leslie Hayes, three doctors in New Mexico who offer care to all patients, whether or not they can afford it.

Despite the hardships it places on the doctors themselves, they are determined to provide for those rural Americans who would otherwise not have any healthcare at all.

The film will be screened 3 p.

m. Sunday at St.

Paul’s Episcopal Church (520 Summit St.) in Winston-Salem, featuring guest speaker Dr.

Thomas DuBose, Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

The second screening will take place 6 pm March 19 at the Forsyth County Central Library (660 W.

Fifth St.) in Winston Salem, with guest speakers Dr.

Robert L. Fried, MD, Family Medicine, Eagle Physicians, and Dr.

James Winslow, MD, MPH, Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Health and Director of the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services.

The third and final screening is scheduled for 7 pm March 21 at the Willingham Theater, located in the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center (226 E.

Main St.) in Yadkinville, which will be followed by a group discussion.

Admission to each screening is free. For more information, call 336.

724.1502 or visit the official RiverRun International Film Festival website.

The Providers, which won the Audience Choice Documentary award at the 2018 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, will premiere on “Independent Lens” at 10 p.m.

April 8 on UNC-TV. For more information about the film, visit the website.

The 21st annual RiverRun International Film Festival is scheduled for April 4-14, 2019.

For the next presentation in its ongoing screening series, Winston-Salem’s International LGBT Film Festival OUT at the Movies has joined forces with Wake Forest University, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and Positive Wellness Alliance to present the critically acclaimed independent drama Buddies at the Byrum Welcome Center, located on the Wake Forest campus, 1834 Wake Forest Rd.

in Winston-Salem.

Released in 1985, Buddies was the first feature film to directly address the AIDS crisis in the United States and marked the final film by writer/producer/editor/director Arthur J.

Bressan Jr., a pioneer in gay cinema, who would die of AIDS complications in 1987.

The film details the relationship that develops between David (David Schachter), a compassionate gay man, and Robert (Geoff Edholm), an AIDS patient filled with anger and rage over the hand that fate has dealt him – and countless other homosexual men who are dying by the score, while society turns its back on them.

A landmark in what is euphemistically called “queer cinema,” Buddies “remains an urgently moving study of life and death in the AIDS era,” wrote Chuck Wilson in The Village Voice.

Jim Hemphill of Filmmaker Magazine hailed the film as “modest in scale but generous in its effects, as Bressan carefully constructs one of the most moving friendships I’ve ever seen put on film and elicits a wide variety of responses from the viewer. The movie is touching, angry, funny, depressing, and beautiful, and deftly weaves its political fury into the emotional lives of its characters, both of who are conceived and performed (by David Schachter and Geoff Edholm) with remarkable depth and clarity.

Special guests for this event are actor David Schachter, who soon gave up acting for academic pursuits (and is now a dean at New York University), and the filmmaker’s sister Roe Bressan, who was instrumental in the 2k digital restoration of Buddies for Vinegar Syndrome last year. They will share their memories of the film, its maker, and its enduring impact over the last 30 years.

Although admission to this event is free, an RSVP to 336.918.

0902 or outatthemoviesfest@gmail.com would be appreciated.

For more information about OUT at the Movies, visit the official website. 

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