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Gemma Collins goes make-up free as she buys £250 face cream in London

Gemma Collins goes make-up free as she buys £250 face cream in London

GEMMA Collins went make-up free as she shopped in London yesterday.

The 38-year-old star was spotted purchasing a £250 face cream, which clearly works wonders with her bare-faced skin glowing.

Gemma Collins ditched the make-up for her luxury shopping tripCredit: CH-IMAGES – EXC OFFER She has always been proud of her glowing skinCredit: CH-IMAGES – EXC OFFER

Gemma was carrying the pricey LA MER Wrinkle Cream having treated herself at Harrods, with the former Towie star also visiting luxury store Selfridges while out with friends.

She had her long blonde hair scraped into a messy bun for the all-natural outing, dressed down in leggings, a padded coat, and comfortable UGG boots.

Gemma was also carrying a Louis Vuitton designer handbag.

The star treated herself to a pricey face creamCredit: CH-IMAGES – EXC OFFER

The reality star has always been proud of her incredibly clear skin, previously telling LA dermatologist Dr Simon Ourian that she had “brilliant skin” on her show Diva Forever.

The hefty price tag of her chosen products is in keeping with Gemma’s diva persona, with the star previously admitting that she “acts like a billionaire” after making a £5million fortune since catapulting to fame on The Only Way Is Essex in 2011.

The generous beauty also said that she regularly dishes out £40 to mates as she shares her wealth.

Speaking to New magazine at the time, she said: “I walk around like I’m a billionaire, I believe in the universe, I never worry about money and that’s why money comes to me.

“I treat people throughout the year, my mates with children, every time I see them I give them 40 quid, or I go to Amazon and get them a gift- no one goes without.

Gemma was dressed casually for the London outingCredit: CH-IMAGES – EXC OFFER The GC is famed for her diva personaCredit: Splash News

“Whatever you give in life comes back to you, you give it out, it comes back in other ways and I’ve given so much to charity this year, I know I’ve got good karma coming as a result.”

Last summer, The GC told The Sun that being rich means she’s not bothered about the vicious abuse online she sometimes gets.

“I take no notice of trolls because my bank balance is growing and growing and growing and growing – they can troll me all they want,” she said.

Gemma’s even wealthy enough to wear a new pair of Marks Spencer underwear every day.

She said: “I should have shares in knickers in Marks Spencer’s. I’m in there all the time, I wear a new pair of knickers every day at the moment.

“I’ve not forgotten where I came from but I’ve grown and I’ve evolved and that is the secret to being a reality star.”