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Healthy City 2nd Annual Food is Medicine seminar

Healthy City is a new non-profit organization based out of Midland, Texas, with the mission to raise awareness about how to achieve optimal health through lifestyle change and to increase education on the relationship between disease and nutrition. This year, Healthy City is hosting the second annual Food is Medicine seminar and extending the event to those who are passionate about wellness across the state of Texas and its neighbors.

Food is Medicine is an all-day seminar that includes sessions from renowned speakers in the field of lifestyle medicine, a delicious and healthy lunch, book signings, and two QA sessions with experts. The seminar is designed to help those who are interested in health and wellness learn about the incredible impact our lifestyle and nutrition choices have on our short and long term health and hear testimonials from those who have experienced radical change themselves.

Open to the public, Food is Medicine will take place on Saturday, August 12, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center in Midland, Texas, and tickets are 25 dollars each with lunch included (there is a 10% discount for group orders of 10 or more). The following speakers will be in attendance:

• Dr. Scott Stoll, author of Alive, who will give an overview of the foods that build a healthy, disease-free body and how to raise healthy children;

• Dr. Michael Greger, author of the New York Bestseller How Not to Die, who will present the leading causes of death and how they are impacted by diet;

• Dr. Doug Lisle, author of The Pleasure Trap and clinical psychologist, who will discuss food addictions and offer insight into our biological processes; and

• Brenda Davis, registered dietician, who will give an overview of how to design an optimal plant-based diet and address nutritional concerns.

If you would like additional information, you can learn more by calling Healthy City at 1-800-856-4916, or by emailing info@ourhealthycity.com. You can also find out more about Food Is Medicine on Healthy City’s website, or by following the organization @ourhealthycity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tickets are available online and space is limited, so register today at www.ourhealthycity.com/events!