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Homeschooling mum ‘nearly cried’ when kids scribbled over her sofa – but gets it looking new with £2.99 cleani

Homeschooling mum ‘nearly cried’ when kids scribbled over her sofa – but gets it looking new with £2.99 cleani

AS homeschooling takes full force across the nation, parents online having been sharing their at-home disasters as they attempt to juggle working from home while keeping their kids occupied. 

One mother has revealed what happens when you take your eye off one child to help home school the other after her youngest child took a permanent marker to her brand new sofa which left her fighting back tears.

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Mum Annagene Mcguigan suffered the worst cleaning disaster of all when your young child scribbled all over her new sofa with a permanent markerCredit: Facebook

The desperate mother, Annagene Mcguigan  took to Facebook in a bid to seek guidance on how to best approach the gargantuan cleaning task she had ahead of her, and also pay homage to the reality of full time parenting. 

She showed of the almost new dusty grey sofa which she “only bought at Christmas ” which had been very artfully decorated with scribble marks.

But while the entire length of the sofa had been targeted, it seemed the cushions weren’t able to escape the wrath of the creative child either.

So Annagene did what any mum would do and got to work on removing the stains as best she could.

The cushions were also completely coveredCredit: Facebook But with this £2.99 cleaning spay and a lot of scrubbing she was able to remove almost all of the marksCredit: Facebook The carpet cleaner is ideal for removing tough stains1001 Trouble Shooter Ultra, £2,99 from The Range – buy here 

In her post in the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group, Annagene wrote: “So this happened Yesterday whilst I was homeschooling my eldest. I did nearly Cry! I only bought my new sofa at Christmas.”

She later revealed new snaps showing off her cleaning attempt.

The chuffed mum revealed that she’d used a £2-99 cleaning spay to remove the stains which results in a sofa that looked as good as new.

In the comments, Annagene detailed her cleaning method and revealed that she’d used hot water and a minky scrubber to attack the marks, along with the 1001 troubleshooter ultra carpet cleaning spray, and the results were amazing.

According to the cleaning-obsessed mum, the cushion came up the best because she sprayed it with the carpet cleaning solution before popping it in a cool wash.

The mum revealed her cushions came out the best as you can’t see any stainsCredit: Facebook

Fellow Hinchers were just as amazed by the results with many praising the mum’s efforts in removing the troublesome stains.

With a tongue-in-cheek remark, one mother said: “Well done for not crying! I think I’d of given my child to their grandparent permanently. Looks good though fab job.”

And a second parent joked: “In the grand scheme of things, your little darlings are showing their artistic side

Meanwhile, another mum shared her own disastrous story and said: “Omg that’s come up amazing. My 1 year old got hold of a red crayon yesterday and drew all over my balcony door. Elbow grease got most of it off but still a little visible. Buggers ain’t they lol.”

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