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How Have Negative Media Reports About Mexico Impacted Agents?

Mexico has long been a power in global tourism for both the U.S. and Canadian markets. But over the past few years, the destination has faced challenges ranging from bad headlines to seaweed on its Caribbean beaches, and the closure of the country’s tourist board.

But how much has Mexico really fallen out of favor? And how much have those challenges impacted advisors booking the destination?

Travel Market Report’s Outlook on Mexico tries to answer those questions.

The Outlook, which is sponsored by Apple Leisure Group and available here, surveyed over 800 travel advisors about their bookings to Mexico and confidence when sending their clients there.

Among other things, the report found that advisors were split in whether or not sales to Mexico have increased or decreased over the past six months—32% of respondents said they were flat while 34% said they saw an increase and another 34% said they saw a decrease. But, despite that split, the report also found that advisors were still facing an uphill value in closing sales to Mexico—78% of respondents said that they had clients tell them they didn’t want to travel to Mexico over the past six months.  

It also includes how the Dominican Republic’s recent string of bad news has impacted travel to Mexico. 

“What’s more,” Travel Market report EVP and Publisher Anne Marie Moebes said, “advisors told about what type of support they believe will help them maintain and increase sales, which alternatives are benefiting from Mexico’s problems, as well as what clients want in their Mexican vacations.”

The full report is available to read on Travel Market Report here. More content from the Outlook will be shared on Travel Market Report in the coming weeks.