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How Luxury Brands Are Adding Wellness To Their Offerings

How Luxury Brands Are Adding Wellness To Their Offerings

From personal and business guidance to health-promoting vacation options, luxury brands are updating their services and products to reflect growing consumer interest in health and wellness

The wellness trend isn’t like other fads—it has moved beyond its 15 minutes of fame and infiltrated entire industries, ranging from beauty to work, as consumer interest in health and wellbeing continues to grow and shows no sign of fizzling out. Wellness has transformed into an entire sector of its own, and consumers are expecting it at every touchpoint.

This is why luxury brands in particular are versing themselves in consumers’ current passion for wellness, offering holistic experiences that satisfy their craving for healthy behaviors alongside their favorite premiere brands. Here’s how two high-end companies are incorporating the wellness trend into their services and products:

Casa Fengchao
Casa Fengchao, a members-only club in Beijing, plays host to weekly events designed to give wealthy Chinese members guidance on how to improve both their business and personal interests. The club reflects the new perception of luxury by China’s rich, who spend more money on things that improve one’s lifestyle, such as health. Casa Fengchao offers two levels of membership: entry-level gives access to the space for events, while the next level is a business advisory arm for members.

Anantara, the Bangkok-based luxury hotel and resort brand, launched “Wellbeing Retreat” packages, a program offering new two-plus day options for healthy, active experiences across several of its luxury resorts. The programs are based on a notion that the spa-centric brand calls “Balance Wellness,” intended to balance mental and physical health using cuisine, signature spa treatments and dynamic or mindful exercise. The retreats offer vacationers who are spending a minimum of two nights an opportunity to enjoy a flexible approach to feeling good on holidays, by splitting vacation time between wellness activities and “regular” leisure activities and sightseeing.

To stay relevant and deliver what consumers want, luxury brands continue to update their image, goods and services to support people in their wellness endeavor. For more insights on luxury and wellness, see PSFK’s report Redesigning Luxury Experiences For The Modern Consumer.

Lead image: Yoga meditation wellness stock photo from NicoElNino/Shutterstock