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Huda Kattan won’t let daughter, 8, wear make-up like Katie Price or Kerry Katona’s kids as she’ll look ‘too se

Huda Kattan won’t let daughter, 8, wear make-up like Katie Price or Kerry Katona’s kids as she’ll look ‘too se

SHE’S created a £1 billion business out of her passion for beauty – but businesswoman Huda Kattan has revealed she won’t let her daughter wear make-up in case she looks “too sexy”.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Huda, 35, says her eight-year-old daughter Nour Giselle has inherited her love of beauty.

Huda Kattan, 35, says her daughter Nour Giselle, 8, is her ‘little doll’Credit: Instagram

Describing how Nour tries to get away with wearing make-up everyday, Huda said: “Sometimes she’ll go behind my back and will put on a little eye-liner or lipstick on. She tried to put foundation on the other day and I got really upset.”

Unlike UK reality stars Katie Price and Kerry Katona who have been blasted by fans for allowing their daughters to wear a full-face of make-up from as young as FIVE, Huda is keen to keep her away from the slap for as long as possible.

Admitting that she is “partially to blame” for Nour’s make-up obsession, Huda said: “I honestly think her skin is so precious, so she should take care of it as long as she can.

“I don’t want her looking too sexy as a child. I already think she’s so adorable and so beautiful, so she can wait [to start contouring].”

Nour is allowed to ‘play dress up’ with make-up – but banned from contouring her faceCredit: Instagram The businesswoman admitted she was ‘partially to blame’ for her daughter‘s fascination with make-upCredit: Instagram

“I think the playful stuff is okay, but when it really makes them look a little bit like grown-ups I don’t personally want to see my child like that. “

Although the mum confessed that it’ll be a struggle to stop Nour from wearing make-up before she reaches her teenage years, she added: “I still want her to be a little kid.”

However, the mum takes a more lax approach to fashion and loves to dress Nour up in matching outfits.

“It’s so funny because she’s a little bit like my doll, but I also need to remember too that she’s a kid,” Huda said.

Huda says she still wants Nour to ‘be a little kid‘Credit: Instagram Kerry Katona was slammed by fans for caking daughter Dylan-Jorge in make-up for an Instagram tutorial last month Katie Price was criticised for this photo of Princess backstage at panto in 2015Credit: Instagram

“The other day I was getting her ready for school, I put her hair up, I was brushing down her baby hairs and then I put a choker on her and she was like ‘Mum, it’s not a fashion show, I’m just going to school!'”

Considering how she’s made a whole career out of her love of beauty, Huda said: “Of course I’ve created a child who loves the way she looks and has fun playing dress up.”

Following in her mother‘s footsteps, Nour also drinks kombucha – a fermented probiotic drink which promotes guy health – and bone broth everyday to keep her young skin looking healthy.

Before her daughter inevitably starts wearing heavy foundation and concealer on a regular basis, Huda added: “I want to protect her skin as long as possible.”

The beauty blogger turned billionaire make-up mogul has always been open about having plastic surgery.

Huda has known her husband Christopher since she was 16Credit: Instagram

On her Facebook Watch Show Huda Boss, the make-up mogul and her husband Christopher Goncalo – who she first met when she was 16 – get their fillers retouched on camera.

Just two years after Nour was born, the star went under the knife to have a rhinoplasty and a boob job.

“This is how I feel about cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery,” Huda said. “If people want to do it for themselves – it’s fine. If people want to do it for the outside world, that’s when it’s not necessarily a healthy thing…”

However, Huda believes that Nour won’t be swayed by social media pressure to change her appearance – even though she already boasts a cool 140,000 followers on Instagram.

Admitting that she’s been upfront with her daughter about the work she’s had done, Huda said: “I try to have real conversations with her because she ne to do things for herself and not for the outside world.

Huda and Christopher were filmed touching up their fillers in season two of Huda Boss – but their daughter Nour ‘thinks plastic surgery is stupid’Credit: Instagram

“Right now in this moment in time she thinks that plastic surgery is stupid, she doesn’t understand it.

“When we go to get our lips filled, she thinks it’s so stupid, she doesn’t talk about it too much.

“It’s so funny because one day my sister said ‘would you ever get your lips done?’ And I got really angry that she asked my daughter that, but then my daughter was like ‘no, I don’t need that!’ I was SO happy. “

Although her make-up brand specialises in feature-defining products for the Instagram make-up generation, Huda added: “To me beauty really is a feeling and an emotion and I definitely think when you’re young it’s a little hard to articulate that way.”

The savvy businesswoman originally started out online 10 years ago when she created her blog Huda Beauty as a way of exploring her love of make-up.

I don’t want her looking too sexy as a child. I already think she’s so adorable and so beautiful, so she can wait to start contouring. I still want her to be a little kid…”

Huda Kattan

Alongside this, Huda worked as a make-up artist before launching her own false eyelash brand with a £6,000 investment from her sister.

Reflecting on her rags-to-riches story, Huda said: “In the first two years it never felt like we had enough product really… that was the biggest problem.

“Then later on my dad gave me a $250,000 loan which changed everything. We were able to buy a lot of product and then also get an office and hire a couple more people. That was so helpful, that just changed everything for us.”

Following the launch of her best-selling Faux-Filter foundation and cult eyeshadow palettes, Huda now boasts over 1.5m Instagram followers and gets inspiration for new products from what her fans are requesting on social media.


Huda Boss is available to stream on Facebook WatchCredit: Huda Boss/Facebook

And now that she’s got a hugely successful Facebook Watch series which has opened her day-to-day life to her millions of fans, we have to ask: what is next for Huda Beauty? Well the businesswoman has BIG plans.

What originally started as a beauty blog, then a false lash company and now a £1bn empire, Huda’s new goal is to become the “new age Estee Lauder”.

She said: ” It’s a huge goal, we are nowhere near where we want to go. I feel like people look at us a makeup brand, but we want to be and I’m confident we will be so much more.

“But ultimately we are at the beginning of our journey. We are at the bottom of the big mountain we’re trying to climb and we’ve taken a couple of steps up.”

New episodes of “Huda Boss” are available every Tuesday and Wednesday at 5pm on Facebook Watch followed by a make-up tutorial on Thursdays and the finale episode on October 23.

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