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Is an IV Vitamin Drip the New Magic Potion for Fashion Week? - L'Officiel

Is an IV Vitamin Drip the New Magic Potion for Fashion Week? – L’Officiel

While we always try to remain open-minded to the newest health and beauty trends, seeing such a young crowd adapt this mysterious, less researched treatment makes us want to look into it more before singing its praises. So far, what we do know is that vitamin drips are typically formulated in collaboration with pharmacists, though the exact composition of the treatment’s “magic formula” remains unclear, especially as each cocktail is different and requires varying doses. Some popular ingredients include vitamin C, B12, magnesium, calcium, potassium, glutathione (an antioxidant), NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, an enzyme regenerating cells), and electrolytes. One thing is certain: all are synthetic in nature, and in high doses, it can be difficult for the body to process them.

Some health concerns so far is that the overuse of vitamin drips will saturate and weaken the kidneys and liver, not to mention the risk of anaphylactic shock, thrombophlebitis (painful blood clots), and other health risks. If the Food and Drug Administration, which is in charge of reviewing IV products to ensure they are safe, has not yet approved them, one must carefully consider the safety implications before usage. The real danger, we wonder, is the possibility of addiction. The primary benefits of these regenerative, revitalizing vitamin drips are quite difficult to resist, as they allegedly can quickly and effectively compensate for all kinds of exhaustion-related issues: hangovers, jet lag, a pre- or post-party boost, immune system boosting, and more. While we already regularly ingest vitamins in other ways, it’s important to be careful about dosage and frequency to ensure you don’t get into a habit that’s harmful, whether for your health or for your wallet.