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Kim Kardashian Reveals That North West Is Already A 'Contour Queen'... At Only 5 Years Old!

Kim Kardashian Reveals That North West Is Already A ‘Contour Queen’… At Only 5 Years Old!

Let this sink in for a minute: Kim Kardashian‘s five-year-old daughter, North West, knows how to contour her face… and you don’t. Don’t worry, we understand. We know how intimidating the palettes can be! Frankly speaking, no amount of contour in the world can mimic Kim’s perfect bone structure, so why bother? That said, we still can’t help but feel the tiniest bit jealous of Nori’s mad makeup skills. Check out the video above to see Kiki’s little contour queen at work!

Of course, this isn’t the first time North has taken to her mommy’s social media to show off her future MUA talents. Back in June, Nori took over Kim’s Instagram to serve some serious looks. Using products from Kim’s KKW Beauty x Mario Eyeshadow Palette, the adorable little lady beat her face with the best of ’em.

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It’s no surprise that North is interested in the beauty biz. After all, her aunt Kylie Jenner is a lip kit mogul and her mama launched KKW Beauty last year. A love of makeup is practically in Nori’s DNA! So much so, that she wants to share her passion with the world

While Kim was promoting her new line of perfumes in November 2017, the 37-year-old revealed that her daughter wanted to start filming makeup tutorials for YouTube. “The other day, it was so funny. My daughter watches so many YouTube tutorials and videos,” Kim told WWD. “She was unboxing the My Little Pony ColourPop collection and I thought to myself, ‘I wish I was recording this,’ because her reaction was so funny! Then she did makeup on the My Little Pony that they gave and she said, ‘Mom, I want to do a YouTube video.'”

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However, Kim went on to say that her hip-hop star hubby, Kanye West, quickly put a halt to North’s dream and admitted that while she credits social media for much of her success, she is worried how it might affect her little girl. “I don’t know if it’s something she would really want to do… but it’s always a struggle on how much you want to have exposed or how much access you want them to have to social media,” the Selfish author explained.

Sigh. Well, here’s hoping that North creates that YouTube channel one of these days! We’d definitely subscribe. Who knows? Maybe by the time she graduates from grade school she’ll have her very own beauty empire. 

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