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Londoner launches collection of masks, other supplies for health workers

Londoner launches collection of masks, other supplies for health workers

The fears of nurses at London Health Sciences Centre have prompted a Londoner to launch a campaign that in one day collected hundr of surgical masks and a handful of N95 masks.

“I have a lot of friends who are nurses, and they’re all concerned. They’re scared they’re going to die. They’re scared they’re going to bring it home to their kids,” said Kimberley Vander Schelde, who has long experience with the health-care system as the mother of a child who had cancer.

She realized she had a few N95 masks and gloves in her home, partly because she paints signs and refinishes furniture as hobbies.

“I started to think about what we all might have in our homes — the things you would have in your garage, when you’re redoing furniture, painting, that sort of thing,” Vander Schedle said. “You know, you buy a pack of five masks to drywall, but you only use one.”

She launched a Facebook page Sunday to spread the word to Londoners who might have unused N95 masks in their house, or have the more common surgical masks.

Vander Schelde and staff at Assurance Home Health Care started collecting donations Monday, including 300 surgical masks and about 500 pairs of gloves from London Nails Club, Vander Schelde said.

She also has eight N95 masks and another 100 other surgical masks at home — collected over the years from running retreats for mothers of children with cancer, from getting home care services for her own daughter and from collecting medical supplies for overseas missions.

Supplies can be dropped off at Assurance Home Health Care at 655 Wellington Rd. at Wilkins Street, or donors can contact Vander Schelde and she will pick them up.

She’s offering her masks, gloves and booties — also provided by the nail salon — to anyone who can prove he or she is a health-care worker.

For more information on how to donate, or safely pick up the supplies, visit Supporting Front Line Workers at https://www.facebook.com/groups/154408545822306/permalink/154834922446335/.



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