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Mary Kay Reveals Latest Research at the 20th World Dermatology Congress

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As one of the world’s leading skincare innovators in the direct selling
and cosmetic industries, Mary Kay Inc. continues its decades-long
commitment to skin science research as a sponsor of the 20th
World Dermatology Congress. The event, held on March 13-14 in Singapore,
brings together researchers, academicians and scientists from the
dermatology community worldwide to exchange information on technological
advances and new scientific achievements.

The theme for World Dermatology 2019 is “Exploring the New Approaches in
Dermatology.” By bridging the gap between experts from across the globe,
the event provides cutting-edge analysis, exploration and treatment of
conditions identified with skin, hair and nails. The conference focuses
on skin health, skin ailments, allergy manifestations, clinical
dermatology and cosmetic dermatology.

David Gan, Senior Principal Scientist at Mary Kay Inc., will present
some new insights in evaluating and understanding facial redness. Based
on this work, Mary Kay scientists identified botanical extracts that
help reduce the production of pro-inflammatory proteins and enzymes in
the skin and developed a cosmetic formulation containing these extracts
to effectively address facial redness. After four weeks of use, the
cosmetic formula reduced overall facial redness and skin temperature in
subjects with persistent skin irritation.

“As a skin biologist, I’m honored to share Mary Kay’s groundbreaking
skin research related to facial redness with the broader scientific
community,” said Gan. “At Mary Kay, there’s nothing more rewarding than
addressing skin issues that impact women and creating innovative
products that provide skin benefits consumers are searching for. The
results of this continued research will help us make Mary Kay®
products better as we consider the concerns and experience of our

Mary Kay’s Research and Development team, led by Dr. Lucy Gildea, Mary
Kay’s Chief Scientific Officer, comprises of distinguished scientists
holding doctorates and other advanced degrees across multiple
disciplines: skin biology, cell biology, chemistry, biochemistry and
more. This team of scientists is committed to discovering the trends and
technologies that enable the company to create irresistible products
that deliver benefits to the consumers.

“Collaborating with the world’s leading skincare experts at the 20th
World Dermatology Congress provides opportunities to share the latest
technological advances and scientific breakthroughs on skin health,”
said Dr. Gildea. “Our sponsorship of the World Dermatology Congress is
one of a series of Mary Kay partnerships with the scientific and
academic communities around the world and showcases our continued
commitment to skin science research.”

Mary Kay stands at the forefront of innovation with more than 700
products in its global portfolio. With more than 1,500 patents for
products, technologies and packaging designs, Mary Kay has fostered a
culture of innovation and invests millions of dollars annually in
research and development. The recent appointment of Dr.
Lucy Gildea to the company’s executive team and the opening of Mary
Kay’s new, state-of-the-art, U.S.-based global
manufacturing and research and development facility further expands
the top beauty brand’s leadership in science-based product development
and innovation.

For more information about World Dermatology 2019, click here.

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