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Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Hair and Makeup Is Refreshingly Simple

Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Hair and Makeup Is Refreshingly Simple

When it came to the Royal Wedding 2018, the biggest question was what Meghan Markle would be wearing — which ended up being Givenchy’s new designer Clare Waight Keller. But at Allure, almost as big of a question was what Markle would do with her hair and makeup.

We had been told she’d be doing her own makeup (however, we now know that it was actually her friend, makeup artist Daniel Martin). Would she stick to business as usual with subtle makeup and pair it with a messy ballerina bun? A smooth blowout perhaps? Totally shake things up with a red lip?

Myself and the other Allure editors had our strongest bets on a messy bun and we were about half correct.

Under her veil and tiara (details on that in a second), Markle’s hair was secured into what I would describe as a mega bun — created by hairstylist Serge Normant — much more stylized than we’re used to seeing on her. Instead of throwing her hair into a ponytail and twisting the tail into a knot, Normant curled the ends of the tail and pinned into a hair sculpture, the sides of which could be seen peeking out behind her ears as she sat listening to the sermons and choirs.

She kept her middle part with the face-framing layers left loose (some even left unpinned and hanging over or tucked behind her ears), giving the intricate updo a casual touch — a common feature we’re so used to seeing in America, but not so much amongst posh British royals. I’m sure people will be divided on whether or not it was too loose and easy for a royal wedding but I personally think it was a great way to infuse a bit of modernity into the very traditional event.

Normant has his own line of hair care and styling products, so I would bet he had them handy for such an important an event. The French-born hairstylist has worked on many Allure shoots, many of which I’ve had the pleasure to be on, and I would guess for this look he probably used his Meta Luxe Hairspray and the Allure editor favorite, the Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray.

Her makeup was a slightly more amped up version than what we’re used to seeing her in. Markle kept her skin looking fresh, leaving her freckles on display, most likely thanks to her favorite lightweight foundation, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk.

Markle was glowing from the minute she stepped out of her car, so she didn’t need much blush — although a hint of peachy-pink color was noticeable on her cheeks (we know she’s a fan of Nars Orgasm Blush, a peachy-pink powder with a smattering of gold shimmer, and she definitely could have been wearing it down the aisle). She probably also used a dab or two of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Touche Éclat under her eyes, as she once told Allure: “My routine is very simple — I call it the five-minute face.

It’s just Touche Éclat, curled lashes, mascara, Chap Stick, and a little bit of blush. “

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Makeup artist Daniel Martin defined her eyes but didn’t overly line them or add a lot of smoke, instead opting to add a layer of taupe shadow over her lids (the shades from forthcoming Dior Backstage Eye Palette in Warm Neutrals would work well to recreate the look). When she blinked, you could see a glint of something, which could quite possibly be her favorite eyeliner, M.


Eye Kohl in Teddy, which is a medium-brown eyeliner pencil with a touch of gold and that she traced along top and bottom lashes. Her lashes were full and feathery — most likely thanks to false lashes — but also probably some swipes of mascara (her past favorite being Diorshow Iconic mascara) and the fact she’s a fan of Revitalash.

As the camera zoomed in on the now Duchess of Sussex, you could see her bottom lashes were coated with mascara as well.


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Her lips were a soft shade of pink, with a hint of sheen that looked more like a balm than a gloss. It looks a lot like the new Nars Orgasm Lip Balm (wonder if the brand sent her a set this week?) or a product like Dior Addict Lip Glow, which gives lips just a tint of pink and a healthy shine.

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info/wp-content/plugins/OxaRss/images/7494741b66981655f99d5e1b9e68f36a_Meghan-Markle-Wedding-Nails.jpg” />

Markle kept her nails short and natural.

I would bet my money on it being Essie Mademoiselle, but I’m biased (it’s one of my favorite sheer nail polishes). It wouldn’t be too far off though, Kate Middleton wore Essie polishes for her wedding and Queen Elizabeth is a fan of the brand.

As for the tiara, it’s been confirmed to be Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara on loan from Queen Elizabeth. The diamond bandeau was made in 1932, with the entre brooch dating from 1893, according to a statement released by Kensington Palace.

Be sure to follow along with all our royal wedding coverage for more details of this historic day.

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