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Mom who lost 2 children in I-94 crash, grandmother of survivor: 'God got them'

Mom who lost 2 children in I-94 crash, grandmother of survivor: ‘God got them’




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Five people were in the Buick SUV when it crashed into a bridge on I-94. The only survivor, 1-year-old Josiah, will have his grandmother to take care of him, but her loss is a heavy load.



(WXYZ) – The mother of two victims of the deadly crash on I-94 spoke to 7 Action News about her children.

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The crash happened early Monday morning on I-94 at 8 Mile, on the border of Harper Woods and St. Clair Shores.  

Five people were in a Buick SUV when the driver lost control and hit the bridge.

Police believe speed was a factor, but they have not determined the exact cause.

“I lost three, but I gained one,” said Lolonda Maddox, mother of 20-year-old Alesia Maddox and 18-year-old Armonie Maddox, who both died in the crash.

Also killed in the crash was her nephew, 18-year-old Ervin Johnson. The driver, 20-year-old Doreal Rogers is not related.

Lolonda is still trying to come to terms with their deaths.

“I lost them, they somewhere. God got them, he got them,” said Maddox.

She said Alesia, Armonie and Ervin all lived with her in her home in Detroit.

Alesia’s 1-year-old son Josiah, is the only survivor of the crash.

“Alesia was the best mom that anybody could as for as a young mother, I taught her right,” said Lolonda.

“For her son to survive, for Josiah to survive all of that,” she said.

She said he is still in the hospital but he is doing great. He will come and live with her once he is released.

“He is fine. Not a scratch on his body. Josiah means a lot. She got that out of the Bible and it means a lot, God protected him at all times,” said Maddox.

The family has put a GoFundMe account together to help with funeral expenses for Alesia, Armonie and Ervin.  

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