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Mother accused of leaving son to be abused by boyfriend; infant was severely beaten

Mother accused of leaving son to be abused by boyfriend; infant was severely beaten

The mother of an injured 1-year-old boy who allegedly was severely beaten by her boyfriend is now charged with two felony counts of child endangerment.

Jorden N. Schulenberg, 20, of Independence, is accused of failing to seek medical treatment for her child and of leaving him with her boyfriend who, according to a court document, admitted to police that he had been striking him for a month. Carlos E. Alaniz, 19, was charged earlier this month with felony child abuse.

Police were called June 30 to Children‘s Mercy Hospital where the boy was placed on a ventilator. He had a lacerated liver, several broken ribs and bruises all over his body. He showed signs of previous brain injury.

According to investigators, Schulenberg told them she had seen her 2 1/2-year-old son “pouncing” up and down on the younger boy’s chest and stomach at the apartment they shared with Alaniz at 525 Stonearch Drive.

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Schulenberg said she fed the little one, put him in his crib for a nap and then drove to a nearby gas station to get some soda, leaving the boys with Alaniz. When she returned, she said, she noticed that the 1-year-old looked pale with lips turning blue.

Schulenberg said she and Alaniz started to take the boy to Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence but they got lost in Kansas City. They called 911 and the boy was rushed to Children‘s Mercy.

Alaniz also told police he had seen the older boy bouncing up and down on the younger one. But he and Schulenberg, talking separately to police, gave contradictory accounts of which adult was driving to the hospital.

Alaniz allegedly then told police he lied to cover for Schulenberg, whom he said he had seen trying to suffocate the victim. According to a court document, Alaniz then admitted to punching the boy at least six or seven times in the torso on June 30 because he wouldn’t stop crying. Alaniz allegedly told police the abuse began a month earlier and involved slapping, hitting and kicking the victim in the head.

Alaniz allegedly said he did not like the fact that the boy looked like the child‘s biological father.

Schulenberg told police she had not seen Alaniz abuse the boy. She said she had seen some bruises but Alaniz said the older boy caused them.

Earlier this week the victim’s paternal great aunt provided investigators with photos of multiple bruises on the boy’s head, lower back and buttocks. She said Schulenberg told the family the bruises were actually a rash.

The EMT who drove the ambulance to Children‘s Mercy told police she thought the boy was dead. She said Schulenberg, who rode in the front of the ambulance, was “stone cold,” not crying and spent a lot of time on her phone.

Prosecutors requested a $100,000 bond for Alaniz and $50,000 for Schulenberg.

A 19-year-old Independence man is charged with felony child abuse that left a 1-year-old boy brain dead.

Carlos E. Alaniz first denied he had harmed the child but then

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Alaniz is the boyfriend of the child‘s mother. Both he and the mother initially told police that her 2 1/2-year-old son had been seen Saturday “pouncing” or “bouncing” on the younger boy’s head and chest at an apartment they shared in Independence. The younger boy was placed in his crib but was later observed to be pale with lips turning blue.

According to police, Alaniz told them he had struck the child in the torso six or seven times because he would not stop crying. He allegedly admitted to slapping the child in the head.

Prosecutors asked that bond be set at $100,000. If found guilty, Alaniz could be sentenced to five to 15 years in prison.