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New Study Reveals Drunk Shopping Is On The Rise

New Study Reveals Drunk Shopping Is On The Rise

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Have you ever been guilty of drunk shopping? According to a new study, it’s a real problem in the United States and it’s on the rise.

It seems to be a hobby for some people. They’re not just nursing a hangover; they’re also getting a major headache from looking at their bank statements the next morning.

So what are people buying while drunk? Purchases range from a single tea bag from Japan, a shower curtain of rainbow cats, and even a life-sized cardboard cutout of Danny Devito.

When shopping online there are many factors that can influence buyers.

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One of those factors: Alcohol, according to a new Finder.com study, which finds 68 million people admit to shopping online under the influence.

Nick Stucky says he was tipsy when he bought these googly eyes for his car, calling it, “the best drunk online purchase I have made yet.”

“It’s one of those things where it comes in the mail and you’re like, I’m not quite sure what I ordered and then it hits you,” said Stucky.

It hits the wallet too, at an estimated $447 per person, double the amount from the previous year.

“We do spend a lot of money while we’re drunk the problem is actually totaling over $30 billion,” Jennifer McDermott, finder.com.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, food is the top purchase made, followed by shoes and clothes.

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But then, there are the questionable drinking decisions, such as this purchase of 100 top hats for a pet toad.

Ian Stratford admits being under the influence when he bought a T-shirt of a military sloth.

And this man proudly posted to social media the hot pink outfit he ordered after a few rounds.

The study found men are more likely than women to shop while drunk. And it also found Gen X’ers spend triple what millennials do when indulging in buzzed buying.