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Report details horrific deaths of Marion County mother, her 4...

Report details horrific deaths of Marion County mother, her 4…

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – New documents obtained Monday by News4Jax reveal the gruesome details in the deaths of Casei Jones and her four children.

The woman‘s husband, Michael Jones, is accused in their deaths. He waived his appearance in court Tuesday morning when he was scheduled to appear before a judge to be arraigned on the children‘s deaths.

Editor’s Note: The following details are graphic and many may find them disturbing.

Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office via CNN

Michael Jones

The 142 pages of documents from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, details how and why Jones said he felt he needed to kill his family. Jones told detectives he killed his wife on July 10 after they got into an argument.

On the day Casei Jones was killed, Michael Jones told police his wife accused him of cheating, which led to an intense argument. The report states when Michael Jones came home, he said his wife wouldn’t leave him alone. Michael Jones claimed his wife grabbed a baseball bat, he got hold of it, then told detectives he continuously hit Casei Jones.

According to the report, Michael Jones then put his wife’s body in a tote, placing it in their bedroom closet. Michael Jones told detectives he was “in it” and had to keep up the persona that Casei Jones was still alive. 

Following Casei Jones’ death, the report reveals Michael Jones arranged to have the children either stay with their biological father or their grandmother. Deputies said Michael Jones admitted he would text and message family members on Casei Jones’ phone, pretending to be her.

Weeks later, he killed the four children by either choking or drowning them and told police it was because they were related to Casei Jones, and he was mad at her, the report states.

According to the documents, Michael Jones told detectives he choked Cameron Bowers first, then drowned Preston Bowers in the bathtub the next night.

The documents state when asked why he killed the children, Michael Jones told detectives: “I don’t know. Just everything mounted up and it seemed like the way out.”

According to the report, a few days later, Michael Jones told detectives he went to the Belleview City Hall to turn himself in, but couldn’t work up the courage.

That night, the report states, Michael Jones killed Mercalli and Aiyana Jones by separately drowning them in a bathtub. Investigators said he eventually drove to Southeast Georgia where he dumped the bodies of the children in the woods.

Michael Jones then got into a crash and called 911. Deputies said he then told them he killed his wife, and her body was found in his van.

Deputies said their home was empty after family members reported Casei Jones and the children missing in September. It appeared to be recently cleaned and according to investigators, it had a foul odor, similar to a dead body.

The documents show Michael Jones told detectives he had a clear mind when he killed his family. When detectives asked him if he had anything to relay to the family, he said: “Sorry’s don’t do (expletive), and Florida has the death penalty, so that’s good.”

The incident report adds that Casei Jones’ ex-husband told police Michael Jones had a history of being abusive towards Casei Jones and the children.

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