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Saint Lucia named one of the 'world's most beautiful islands' by...

Saint Lucia named one of the ‘world’s most beautiful islands’ by…

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CNN used this photo in their article showcasing St. Lucia

Saint Lucia has made the list of ’10 of the world’s most beautiful islands’ in a CNN article published on the news network’s website on Tuesday, September 23.

The article, penned by Jen Rose Smith, states: “Bbright-painted houses are strewn like confetti across St. Lucia’s steeply pitched slopes, which veer from rocky summits to the Caribbean shoreline.”

The article continues: “A matched set of volcanic peaks, the Pitons, are the spectacular centerpiece of this beautiful island. Lush forest at the base of the mountains, which are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, give way to miniaturized “elfin woodlands” at higher elevations. Here, look for fairy-sized hummingbirds, delicate ferns and trails shrouded in mist. Go to: Hike to the summit of Gros Piton, then enjoy post-trail rum drinks at nearby Sugar Beach — or from a private infinity pool with views of the mountains.”

The other destinations that made the list are (as indicated in the article):

Milos, Greece: Whitewashed houses with blue doors pepper the coastline of this famous island, where the Venus de Milo statue was discovered in 1820.

Bartolomé, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: Named for a friend of the naturalist Charles Darwin, this island is home to the only penguins that live north of the equator.

Fregate, Seychelles: This private island, with its sea turtle visitors and white sand beaches, is a quiet haven from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Seychelles.

St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles: The Pitons, a matched set of volcanic peaks, are the spectacular centerpiece of a UNESCO World Heritage Site on this spectacularly beautiful island.

Jura, Scotland: With bare summits and clear-flowing streams, Jura is among the most beautiful islands in the Inner Hebrides archipelago of Scotland.

Komodo, Indonesia: Go now to spot the Komodo dragon on the island named for the world’s largest living lizard. The island is closing for 2020 to help preserve its habitat.

Senja Island, Norway: Round-the-clock sunshine shines on this island in summer, while winter brings a flickering display of Northern Lights on this dramatic stage for the natural beauty of the Arctic.

Mo’orea, French Polynesia: While Mo’orea is just a quick ferry trip away from the famous island of Tahiti, the smaller isle is far less developed, which means fewer crowds as you roam white-sand beaches and swim with humpback whales.

Palawan, Philippines: This island’s most remarkable hiding place might be in Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, where an underground river runs through a maze of limestone caverns.

Kaua’i, United States: Cooled lava forms tubes on the rugged Nā Pali Coast. The rest of the island is pretty spectacular too.