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See All the Looks from Prada Fall 2020 Men's - L'Officiel

See All the Looks from Prada Fall 2020 Men’s – L’Officiel

“I am reflecting a lot on the value we give to work, to things, to study, which is not a dirty word as some people now believe,” Prada explained of her concept. “Through my clothes, I want to get these concepts to young people, so that they can use them to find their own way.” The wide-shaped jackets create a quality of flatness, which Prada consistently executes in the most sophisticated way. Then there are the coats, numerous and well-calibrated to complete this theory of elegance. Through strong statements in suiting, pattern, silhouettes, color, and texture, Miuccia delivers a bit of everything. Through careful research, the colors have reached a harmonious match, which feels perfect in a fashion climate that’s tilting back towards maximalism but still craving something wearable. In the world of Prada Fall 2020 Men’s, statement staples are key, and the collection plays with color, pattern, and shape in such a way that’s sure to attract attention while looking right at home in an everyday setting.

The fabrics received the same attention as the aesthetic, and Prada notably kept the environment in mind. “At first, the topic of sustainability was a bit unpleasant to me because I saw a lot of hypocrisy in it, then I changed my mind,” she said. “I realized that when every company does its part, things happen, and in choosing the fabrics, I have had proof of this. Before we talked about attention to the environment, but it was more of a tendency, an intention. Today I see that the weavers are prepared. They have already changed their way of working, and the change is becoming a reality.” With Prada having been part of the Fashion Pact in 2019, it’s good to see the brand sticking with its commitment to sustainability, and hopefully, other brands will do so as well. See all the looks from the collection below.