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'Serena Williams' comeback from motherhood is impressive' - Kim Clijsters

‘Serena Williams’ comeback from motherhood is impressive’ – Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters believes that Serena Williams is the favourite to win her 24th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. The former Belgian player did not expect such a great return from motherhood by the American player who defeated Simona Halep on Monday to reach the quarter-finals, before being beaten by Karolina Pliskova.

“[I’m] very impressed”, admitted Clijsters. “I mean, for her to come back so soon and play two Grand Slam finals already at Wimbledon and the US Open was amazing. People will always see Serena as she will win the Grand Slams because she’s won so many but to do it so quickly after having her daughter is very impressive to me.

Here she seems hungry, she seems to be fitter than she was a few months ago when she played the US Open.’ ‘It’s about finding a balance. It’s tough enough to be a first-time mother as it is but then when you have to become a professional athlete again, whether it’s tennis or any other sport, you know what you want to get back to and you know how you have to feel when you get out on court, it’s tough to find that balance.

I can only speak for myself, I can’t speak for Serena… but for me, it was tough to find that balance, you know, wanting to be with my daughter and knowing that if I wanted to play at a high level that I would have to put my tennis first at times.

That was hard because you have a lot of guilt feelings but after a while, you get used to it and you find that balance.’ ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title