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Single mum killed herself and her two kids with methadone after ...

Single mum killed herself and her two kids with methadone after …

A DEPRESSED mum killed herself and her two kids with methadone after an affair was exposed and she fell out with a pal, a coroner ruled.

Sydnie MacFarlane, her nine-year-old daughter Dolce Dada and son Rhys Dada were found dead in bed together at their home in Greenwich, south-east London.

Sydnie-Blu MacFarlane killed her children before committing suicide last January

The trio were found on January 30 last year after concerned family members called police.

The troubled mum fed her children a lethal drugs cocktail and drank some herself.

The inquest into her death heard Ms Macfarlane had engaged with social services and had previously expressed some suicidal thoughts but had later appeared optimistic about life – particularly her plan to become a care worker.

But the court heard Ms MacFarlane had also recently become distressed about an “infidelity” exposed a fortnight before her death – details of which were not told to Southwark Coroner’s Court.

The bodies of Dolce-Mai Dada and her brother Rhys were found alongside their mother The children had been killed with a cocktail of drugs including methadone

Ms Macfarlane‘s friend Shauneen Langford-Bell said the mother-of-two had been very upset on the Friday before she died, saying: “(Ms Macfarlane) said she had lost me and she had nothing to live for.”

Coroner Andrew Harris recorded verdicts of unlawful death for the children and suicide for the mother.

He said: “She hid the depths of her depression from others and took a lethal overdose of drugs.”

A handwritten note was found in the house stating: “We are to be buried together. No one is to separate me from my babies.”

The inquest was told that in the weeks leading up to her death, the 29-year-old had been warned she faced losing her home and suffered a miscarriage.

London Ambulance Service Paramedic Anna Williamson said Sydnie’s sister met her at the door when she attended the emergency call to the house.

In a statement to the court, the paramedic said: “The sister said she hadn’t spoken to female since January 22 and the two children had not attended school that day.

The 29-year-old has suffered a miscarriage and was due to be evicted from her home

“A neighbour had managed to use a magnet to get the keys. The door was locked from the inside.”

In the room where the bodies were found, ambulance crews found “a bottle of ‘holy water’, two religious cards, and a half-full bottle of methadone on the floor.”

According to pathologist Dr Nathanial Carey it was “very unlikely” the children had taken the drugs by accident and there were no sign of other injuries.

The court heard that messages found on the mother’s mobile phone suggested she was feeling “particularly hopeless.”

Some of her final messages said:”I have been sent what I deserve….

“I’m struggling with it all……. I have lost the family that I love. Disgusting things have been said about me, but it’s what I deserve.

In the week leading up to her death the mum had been warned she would be kicked out of her house The court heard she fed a cocktail of drugs to her children and took some herself

“I am not the mistakes I have made. I have lost every bit of respect for myself. I have ruined everything for me. I am tarnished for life.”

There were also messages which “referred to infidelity and deception” which “she appeared to be very distressed about it”.

The inquest also heard how she had recently received notice that eviction proceedings would be starting against her, and her family would have to move out.

At the property, a total of 31 pieces of A4 paper with messages written on were spread out on the floor, with some written in small handwriting and other in block capitals, which he described as an “emotional outbursts”.

A message scrawled on the wall read: “She fears for my children, with a mother like me I agree. I’m taking them away from the toxic around them.”

One of the A4 letters instructed: “We are to be buried together. No one is to separate me from my babies”, and  gave details of the cemetery she wanted to be buried at and the music for the funeral.

The court heard from her former partner and the father of her children, Sean Dada, who said the last time he had seen his children was Christmas Day 2016 and had called her on the January 26.

In that call he described her as “calm” which “looking back was a bit strange”.

The coroner absolved social services and health care teams of blame over the deaths, following a Serious Case Review.

He said: “It’s speculation to claim these bodies could have prevented the deaths of these people.

“My view is the organisations concerned have learned from the lessons of this.”

Members of the victims’ family left court without comment.

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