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Soul Logic debuts in south St. Anthony Park

Soul Logic debuts in south St. Anthony Park

By Scott Carlson

Since opening its doors last November, Soul
Logic has created a wellness center in south St. Anthony Park that offers
therapeutic massages, acupuncture and skin therapy to clients in a “holistic manner.”

“We have this idea that wellness should fit people to their ne,” said Mona Robbins, co-owner of Soul Logic with her business partner Melanie Nugent-Riess.

Soul Logic, 856 Raymond Ave., is an apothecary spa whose mission is to “ignite your soul through holistic wellness.”

“We want people to feel
good walking into Soul Logic,” said Robbins, a licensed doctor of acupuncture
and Oriental medicine. “The idea behind the name Soul Logic is to have honest
passion (Soul) for vibrant healthy lives, balanced by practicality and
pragmatism (Logic) that really works for people.”

The 980 square-foot spa
combines therapies that address pain, emotional health and promote personal
vitality, Robbins added.

A distinguishing feature
of Soul Logic: Robbins’ practice of traditional Chinese medicine which uses
alternative methods to help the body heal. Those include herbal medicine,
acupressure, medical massage, dietary therapy and meditative exercises.

Robbins has practiced
integrative medicine for more than eight years. Prior to that, her career
included time in the military, mechanical engineering and construction. Her
background in construction served her well in taking on remodeling of her
current building for Soul Logic.

Meanwhile, Nugent-Riess
is a spa industry veteran of more than 20 years. Today, her practice includes
therapeutic massage along with skin care as a licensed esthetician. She also is
a certified yoga instructor and can help clients with exercise advice and
stretching recommendations to assist in “whole soul wellness.”

For further information on Soul Logic, check out its website at https://www.soullogicmn.com/ or call the spa at 651-778-7903.