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‘Spy Intervention' star Brittany Furlan on her Hollywood journey, finding love with husband Tommy Lee

‘Spy Intervention’ star Brittany Furlan on her Hollywood journey, finding love with husband Tommy Lee

Video‘Spy Interventionstar Brittany Furlan on her journey in Hollywood, finding love in husband Tommy Lee

Brittany Furlan dishes on her new film ‘Spy Intervention,’ her rise in Hollywood and how she stays grounded in her marriage to Tommy Lee.

LOS ANGELES – Life couldn’t be going any better for Brittany Furlan.

The 33-year-old wife of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and longtime Internet sensation is quickly establishing herself as a viable performer through her roles on the big and small screens, most notably in the 2018 Netflix documentary “American Meme” and more recently in the original Mötley Crüe biopic for Netflix called “The Dirt,” which saw rapper Machine Gun Kelly star as Tommy Lee.

Now, with future projects in development and her first film of 2020, “Spy Intervention,” premiering this Valentine’s Day, Furlan sat down with Fox News and opened up about her growth as an actress since debuting in her own videos on YouTube and the now-defunct social media app, Vine, where she recorded and released more than 5,000 six-second clips all in the name of comedy – which is certainly in Furlan’s wheelhouse.


Tommy Lee, right, and his wife Brittany Furlan attend the Premiere Of Netflix’s “The Dirt” at ArcLight Hollywood on March 18, 2019 in Hollywood, Calif. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

“I love acting. That’s what I originally wanted to do when I came to L.A. When I was 17, I was like, ‘I want to act.’ This is what I want to do,” Furlan said of performing and how it’s quickly become her obsession to add to her resume. “And then I started doing stand-up. And I was kind of trying to figure out my way. And then the Vine thing came along and with Vine, it was like all this success.”

The “We Are Your Friends” actress lamented the uphill battle she and many other “Internet celebrities” with acting aspirations faced by not always being given opportunities to showcase themselves.

“People kind of didn’t take you seriously as an actor because they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re from the Internet. You don’t know [how to act].”

Brittany Furlan

“People kind of didn’t take you seriously as an actor because they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re from the Internet. You don’t know [how to act],’” Furlan explained. “But then finally, people started auditioning me and giving me chances. And then I got to do ‘Spy’ and I got to do a new TV show called ‘Paradise City’ and it’s been really fun. It’s been awesome.”

Brittany Furlan attends the “Spy Intervention” premiere at Ahrya Fine Arts Movie Theater on February 12, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California. 
(Robin L Marshall/Getty Images)

She continued: “You know, people give you shots and you become friends with people and then you really get to show them it’s not just one thing. It’s great that people are starting to not pigeonhole us as much where it’s like, ‘Oh, you only do this one thing. That’s all you can do.’ You know, a lot of people have multiple talents and can do multiple things. So I’m so grateful for that, that I’ve had the opportunity.”


In her newest flick, “Spy Intervention” sees the world’s greatest spy, played by “Pretty Little Liars” star Drew Van Acker, 33, attempt to settle into suburban life after meeting the love of his life in Pam Grayson, played by actress and model Cara Delevigne’s older sister, Poppy Delevigne, 33. It’s not until Acker’s character, Corey Gage, becomes bored of his quaint life, that a “spy intervention” is set in motion by his old buddy, which is all Gage ne to save the world and possibly his listless marriage.

Furlan said she jumped at the opportunity to do “Spy Intervention,” not because she was eager to prove her acting chops, but in reading the script, the Vine queen said she simply loved the dialogue of her character given the comedic personality of Brianna Brown, who is the best friend of Delevigne’s character, Pam.

“Honestly, when I got sent the script and I read it, I just loved my character’s lines just because she’s so forthright,” said Furlan. “She’s so just, abrasive and she just has such an attitude. It was just such a fun character that I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I have to play this role.’”

Brittany Furlan attends the LA premiere of ‘The Unicorn’ at ArcLight Hollywood on January 10, 2019 in Hollywood, California. 
(Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Furlan said playing the role of the “psycho friend” was “perfect” for her because of her ability to improvise.


“That’s kind of my forte, so it was just awesome to watch Poppy and Drew, who had the brunt of the dialogue and the brunt of the film, really handle it so professionally,” she said. “And I’m talking about like pages and pages and pages. Just every day, I would see them just reading something and they would just nail it. And it was just so impressive to see that. I mean, just so much dialogue – I was really impressed by them.”

In addition to Furlan’s rapid dash into acting, the online entrepreneur also has a real connection to Valentine’s Day as she married Mötley Crüe rocker Tommy Lee last year on the holiday of love, just one year after announcing their engagement.

Furlan said her marriage to Lee, 57, has been nothing but flower blossoms and raved about the incredible support Lee has shown her throughout their entire journey as a couple, which of course, first started on the Internet.

“I think that’s what a marriage is. I mean, obviously, my husband is extremely successful and has a huge tour coming up. They’re going on an amazingly huge tour. And actually, it’s gonna be my first time getting to actually see him play,” she said. “And I’m so excited. So I will be right by his side for that. But it’s cool when I have things that do come up, obviously, he’s much busier than I am. But when I do have things come up, that’s a nice thing in a marriage is when you have someone that will be supportive.”

“That’s what’s so cool about him is that he is so busy and has all these things coming up but if I have a movie or a premiere or something, he’s like, ‘I’ll be there for you.'”

Brittany Furlan on husband Tommy Lee


She continued: “That’s what’s so cool about him is that he is so busy and has all these things coming up but if I have a movie or a premiere or something, he’s like, ‘I’ll be there for you,’ and I think that’s what makes a marriage really nice is when you’re supportive of one another and you’re really there for one another.”

At an interview with Fox News, published in January 2019, Furlan was still a fiancée, but she also told us that she’d never met Lee’s ex, Pamela Anderson. A year later, Furlan is OK with it, even after saying at the time that she one day wished to become friends with Anderson, who just ended a 12-day marriage to movie mogul Jon Peters.


“I don’t know. I mean, I guess there’s no real need to,” she said of her relationship with Anderson, 52. “The boys [Lee and Anderson‘s sons Brandon and Dylan] are grown up so it’s not like [there’s] a custody thing. You know, they’re 23 and 22. It’s not like, ‘Oh, we’ve got the kids this weekend.’ It’s not like that.”

Of Anderson’s short marriage to Peters, Furlan said she certainly feels for Anderson and her happiness, and even spoke to the difficulty of finding love in Tinseltown.


“I don’t judge anybody,” she said. “I’m just like, ‘You know, I’m happily married and my life is great’ and I hope everyone finds the person that makes them happy. I think that’s all you can do and I think we’re all just looking for love.”

“Sometimes people think they’ve found it and then things turn out differently or whatever,” she continued. “I just hope for everyone that they find someone that makes them so happy. It’s a hard place to find love, L.A., it’s a very hard place. And I think a lot of people come out here – especially from small towns – and you think, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be just like Wisconsin or it’s gonna be just like Pennsylvania,’ and it’s not.

“People are different out here,” Furlan added. “So it’s hard. And I’m so lucky that I found someone who is awesome and caring and loving and genuine and has a big heart. Yeah, it’s not an easy place.”

Furlan’s happiness permeated the room as she gushed about her husband and championed “Spy Intervention” as the ultimate date-night flick worthy of any couple’s time.


“I’m so excited that it’s coming out on Valentine’s Day because it’s a fun film to see with your significant other,” she said. “It has this really fun story arc … and it’s a loving film and it’s a funny film. It’s not deep where you’re gonna be weeping or that kind of thing.”

Furlan added: “It’s just lighthearted and the cast is so great. I mean, you have Blake Anderson from ‘Workaholics’ and Brian Saka, who was in ‘Wrecked.’ There’s just so many people in this film who are so talented.”

“Spy Intervention” will premiere on Friday, Feb. 14 in several major theatrical markets including Los Angeles, Houston, Cleveland, Dallas and many others and is also available on digital video.