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The Top 10 Emerging Travel Destinations Of 2020 Have Been Revealed

The Top 10 Emerging Travel Destinations Of 2020 Have Been Revealed

2. Saranda, Albania

It only took a quick Google to see us planning a European road trip with Saranda’s neighbouring beaches – we’re talking candy-wrapper brollies and plastic red buckets – worthy of our Instagram feed.

Just a stone’s throw away from Corfu, it’s one for sun-seekers to pop on the list this winter.

3. Beirut, Lebanon

Renowned for its bustling bars, can’t-walk-past-without-popping-in boutique stores and must-see museums – Beirut is a failsafe pitstop for those visiting the Middle East.  

4. Luxor, Egypt

One for the bucket list, Luxor is in at number four. Since the end of the 18th century, globe-trotters have made the pilgrimage to “ooo” over the city’s temples and tombs.

Note: Tripadvisor warns that with recent political unrest, it’s wise to check government travel guidelines before booking a trip.

5. Naoussa, Greece 

Naoussa in Greece is certainly one for those planning an epic European getaway in the coming months. The once-quiet fishing village sits on the shores of Plastira Bay with whitewashed buildings, guidebook-worthy blue doors and tavernas on every corner.

With neighbours, Santorini and Mykonos, earning Instagram approval the Paros spot is sure to see an influx of luggage-laden travellers over the next year

6. Rügen, Germany

The German island of Rügen bobs in the Baltic Sea and is well-known for its white chalk cliffs and sweeping beaches.

Part of the Jasmund National Park, it’s one for those hoping to escape the everyday city hustle.

7. Phu Quoc

Backpackers may have skipped Phu Quoc Island on their post-university sabbatical but the Vietnamese spot is garnering popularity.

Though it’s not hard to see why with its sweeping white sands and clear waters making for perfect wind sailing and jet-skiing material.  

8. Monopoli, Italy 

Over in southern Italy, the small town of Monopoli is also enjoying the spotlight.

Though it’s not entirely surprising with its medieval churches, old school bell tower and archaeological museum seeing visitors flocking in their hundr.

Expect crumbly stone buildings, cobbled streets and dazzling blue fishing boats swaying in the harbour.

9. La Paz, Bolivia

The city of La Paz in the Andes Mountains made the top 10 all thanks to its 19th century churches and jazzy markets.

Holding the title as the highest capital city in the world, it’s certainly worth popping on the bucket list.

10. Curaçao, Caribbean

We were sold on the colour-block houses to begin with but little did we know, Curaçao is framed by 38 beaches.

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