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These are the five mistakes everyone is making when they apply their makeup

These are the five mistakes everyone is making when they apply their makeup

The FIVE most common mistakes women make when applying makeup – and the secret to picking the perfect foundation shade every timeIt is easy to fall into a makeup slump where you end up creating the same look This often means there are a variety of makeup mistakes people have adopted A director of artistry, Lijha Stewart, has revealed the main blunders people make She has also shared how beauty lovers can easily rectify these mistakes 

Billie Schwab Dunn For Daily Mail Australia

07:46 GMT, 12 February 2019

Thousands of Australian women use the same makeup routine every morning. 

And while this is perfectly okay, this also means that once a mistake is learned, it is often repeated for years to come.  

To help women correct their mistakes, Byrdie have revealed the most common makeup gaffes they are making and the easy ways they can be rectified. 

From not choosing the right foundation shade to applying eyeliner with one full sweep, Lijha Stewart, the American director of artistry and education for Make Up For Ever, shared her advice. 

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Lijha Stewart, the American director of artistry and education for Make Up For Ever, shared her

Choosing the wrong bronzer shade

Her first tip is picking the right bronzer shade for your undertone.

If you are applying the wrong bronzer colour over your face it can create a vast difference in tone between the chest and face.

This can then make it look like you’re wearing the wrong foundation instead of rocking a natural, a sun-kissed glow.

To avoid this, Ms Stewart suggests that those with yellow or olive undertones look for bronzers with a golden undertone.

Those with red, pink, or peach undertones should choose a bronzer with terra-cotta undertones

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Ms Stewart suggests that those with yellow or olive undertones look for bronzers with a golden undertone

Being too heavy handed when doing the brow

Thick and luscious brows are still extremely popular but Ms Stewart said it can be hard for people to achieve this look who don’t naturally have a full brow.

This results in people being too heavy handed when they apply brow product leaving a block-shaped brow that is often too dark. 

Ms Stewart said everyone should measure their browns to their own unique face shape, using their pencil as a ruler.

‘Line up the inner edge of the brow with the outside of the corresponding nostril. The highest point of the arch should be just at the outer edge of your iris,’ she said.

‘The outer brow should taper off to a point that intersects with an imaginary line drawn from your nostril to the outer edge of your eye.’

She also recommends people use a contour brow product that helps to define the arch and the head of the brow.  

To achieve perfect brows (pictured) people need to measure their face shape so they know what they’re working with

How do you pick the right foundation

– Find your shade match by applying potential shades to your chest to see if they are right.

– Don’t fight against your skin‘s natural undertones. Warm complexions should go with a shade that has yellow undertones, and cool complexions should go with pink undertones.

– Know what coverage level you need.

– Don’t forget about your skin type, such as normal or dry.

– Adapt your shade to the current season.

Source: InStyle 

Picking the wrong foundation shade

A wrong foundation shade can completely ruin a makeup look. 

So for those who want to wear a shade that’s different to their natural skin colour, there is a correct way of doing it to ensure it doesn’t look wrong.  

Ms Stewart recommends using two different shades – one a little bit darker and one a little bit lighter than your natural skin tone. 

The lighter colour should be applied to the centre of the face and the dark one should be used on the outer parts before blending it down the neck for a seamless finish. 

The key to a flawless look is picking the right foundation shade (pictured) but Ms Stewart said many people pick the entirely wrong colour

Applying eyeliner in one solid sweep 

Winged eyeliner is a makeup trend that has proved to have longevity but that doesn’t mean everyone gets it right.

Ms Stewart said you should always apply eyeliner in three easy steps instead of one sweep.

It all starts with your position, which should be as close to the mirror as possible and then you should start in the middle of your eyelid to ensure your eyeliner doesn’t become too thick for the size of your eye.

The wing should be created by starting on the ouside of the eye and tracing it back to the center.

Finally, you should connect the end of the wing to the centre point, making sure all lines are connected smoothly. 

Learn to apply eyeliner in three easy steps as opposed to in one full sweep

Applying your contour and highlight incorrectly 

Although there are numerous tutorials online, highlighting and contouring is one major fashion trend people still struggle with.

Ms Stewart explained that the best way to achieve a natural looking highlight is by avoiding placing straight lines on the face and moving the brush in a subtle upwards motion.  

‘Patchy contouring can make the face look dirty and give a messy end result. Ensure that you set your foundation with powder before applying a darker powder contour,’ she added.

You want to opt for a contour colour that is two shades darker than your skin and contour from the top of the ear to the cheekbone. 

When highlighting beauty lovers should make sure that it isn’t too low on the tip of their nose as this can make the nose appear larger.

Ms Stewart explained that people still manage to get contouring and highlighting wrong even though there is a wealth of information online



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