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This Scandi Airport Is A Wellness Lover's Dream

This Scandi Airport Is A Wellness Lover’s Dream

After ogling their smoothie bowls for a few minutes, I decided on an Asian-inspired salad. Surrounded by bright décor and pops of plants, I then ate probably one of the best “fast food” meals of my life, filled with veggies, fresh mint, sunflower se, and sesame dressing. It mimicked a lot of the food I had enjoyed over the course of my trip in Norway. While the farm-to-table movement is still relatively new in the country, where steep terrain makes farming tricky, Norwegians are increasingly known to serve up simple ingredients in an unfussy way that lets their flavors shine through (along with plenty of fish—more on that on mbg next week).

Wary of the dry air to come, I then loaded up on Haven’s green juices and oat-milk-based recovery drinks packed with pineapple and spirulina by Oatly, a Swedish brand of alternative milks that has become a favorite in mbg’s notoriously picky office.

But a jaunt closer to my gate made me wish I’d saved room for another course. There, nestled between B12 and B14, a colorful food truck festival was in full swing. Trucks offered healthy vegetarian pizzas, burrito bowls, and wraps, and the smells and spirit of the place immediately transported me to an international food fair.