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Top 3 Side Effects Of Using Nail Polish Remover Frequently

Top 3 Side Effects Of Using Nail Polish Remover Frequently

Nail polish remover as the name suggests is used for removing nail enamel. Most of these types of solutions contain acetone which is very good at its job of removing polish very quickly. Just one wipe and your nails are free from any polish colour. It also works equally well with nail glitter or fake nails.  Since it has many advantages an acetone-based nail polish remover is used quite frequently. However, users must look beyond its cosmetic advantage and check out how it can affect health.

According to health experts, frequent contact with acetone is dangerous for health. Researchers have revealed that if a person accidentally swallows or inhales acetone or if it is absorbed in the skin, it can lead to serious consequences. Acetone is known to cause negative effects in the functioning of various body systems. Acetone-based nail remover also contains certain poisonous ingredients such as dimethyl ketone and dimethyl formaldehyde which leads to harmful effects on the body.

Affects Cardiovascular System

Acetone greatly affects the cardiovascular system as it lowers blood pressure. It works silently and hence takes a very long time to detect what is exactly harming the functioning of the cardiovascular system. And more often by the time the cause is detected the side effect has become very serious.

Negative Impact On Gastrointestinal Systems

Acetone is a nail polish remover that also hurts the gastrointestinal system.  Some of the systems that are common in such cases include nausea, abdominal pain, changes in sense of taste and vomiting.

Frequent Urination

Excessive exposure to acetone can lead to frequent urination problem. In women, such symptoms are usually associated with menopause or urine infection which is why the main culprit more often goes unnoticed.  A proper blood test can only detect the presence of acetone in the body.

To avoid such health issues it is advisable to use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone or at least should use the remover less frequently.