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What your nails say about your health

What your nails say about your health

Nails are being used as a platform to display colourful and stylish nail polishes resulting to the beauty industry operating in billions of money. However, the nails’ shape and colour is a window to one’s health. Read on to discover what your nails say about your health.

1. Yellow nails

One of the factors that can cause our nails to turn yellow is old age. Regular use of gel polish or nail polish can also affect the colour of our nails over time. Smoking and fungal infections are other factors that can be attributed to nails turning yellow.

2. Dry cracked nails

Lifestyle is the main reason behind brittle nails. Frequent use of water in washing or swimming causes the nails to dry up. Living in low humidity air, frequent use of nail polish remover and use of cleaning chemicals also contribute to the nails cracking.

3. White spots

Small white spots on your nails are usually the result of nail trauma. They’re not a cause for concern and will fade or grow out on their own.

4. Spoon nails

Nails that curve upward at the edges, taking on a spoon-like appearance, may be a sign of iron-deficiency, anemia and heart disease.

5. Pitting

If your nails have multiple pits or dents, it’s often a sign of psoriasis. This is a skin condition that spe up the life cycle of skin cells. Nail pitting may also be due to connective tissue disorders.

6. Dark discoloration

Black streaks or painful growths on your nail warrant an immediate trip to your physician, as they may be due to melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

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