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Women reveal their secrets to glowing skin throughout the winter

Women reveal their secrets to glowing skin throughout the winter

Would you ditch wearing make-up in work for this? Women reveal their secrets to glowing skin throughout the winter… and it’s less effort than you may think

As winter arrives, we may be tempted to wear more make-up for fear of pale, dull and lifeless skin.

But tan fans, in the know, have been racing to buy the world’s first CBD infused tanning water that’s got rid off all the nasties we associate with smelly fake tanners. And the added benefit? It helps reduce redness AND is clearing up peoples spots.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not… With CBD from organically grown cannabis plants from Colorado, organic DHA and anti-bacterial lavender oil or Coconut aloe extracts, these lightweight water mists are what skincare dreams are made of. 

We chatted to three women who have added these products into their beauty regime and they all admitted they were ‘astounded’ by the smell, ease of use and low maintenance of this new way to tan. Here they tell us why they’ll never look back. 

Lisa Daisley, make-up artist 

“It’s given me more confidence, school runs are no longer a dread. I work late and certainly don’t have time in the morning to look presentable. It’s a godsend for this.”

Lisa, makeup artist: “Every single time I wear this, everyone asks if I’ve been on holiday. I must go away every 2 weeks, then! No one believes it to be ‘fake’”

“Some tanning products are very messy and it would make me feel like it was a chore to tan but the utan x Jamie Genevieve CBD Tanning water is super, super easy.

“You literally spray all over your face and neck area after washing your face in the morning or before bed. No need to wash your hands as it’s a spray. I have friends who use it on their arms and chest area, too.

“I get compliments all the time. That it’s a lovely natural tan, even, no streaks, no god awful smell and when I wear it on my face without makeup I have this ‘glow’ apparently.

utan’s CBD Tanning water and award winning Coconut Tanning Water for extra hydration. Save 33% off the range with code MAIL33 on utan.co.uk or get this discount in most Superdrug stores nationwide. 

“My clients who have bought this product after seeing my social media posts and talking to me, have also mentioned that they are sleeping better when using this at night 

“For my body the cherry smell from the Turbo Mousse is lovely and even when you rinse this off next day you would not be able to smell any horrid fake tan smell.

“I’ve used many tanning products in the last 20+ years. For the last 6+ years I have only used utan. The smell is completely different from other brands”

Stacey Ma’Har, from Airdrie 

“I’ve stopped wearing makeup to work. My colleagues have commented on how lovely my skin looks! The tanning water has really given me the confidence to go makeup free.”  

Stacey Ma’Har, 34, from Airdrie, Scotland said: “It [CBD Tanning Water] fits perfectly into my skincare routine and I don’t feel really like I’m tanning.”

“I’ve been using the CBD Tanning Water for a few months now. I was drawn to it because I had never seen a facial tanner like it on the market and I was intrigued.

What is CBD? 

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant 

It’s a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products like oils to boost a feeling of relaxation and calm.

It is added to beauty products as it is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to maintain skin health.

“It’s so easy to use. Personally I like to cleanse my face and apply it before I go to bed. You literally spray and go. I haven’t experienced colour transfer to my bedding or clothes and because it’s in a handy spray I don’t need to scrub my hands.

“It doesn’t smell like fake tan at all. This one has beautiful lavender tones that are especially calming when putting it on before bed.

“I used to worry about looking pale or tired but now I have the confidence that my skin looks great and I only need to add mascara.”   

So which vegan and cruelty-free tanning saviour should you choose? 

The utan range has a tanning solution for everyone…

utan’s patent pending CBD Tanning Water, in collaboration with beauty influencer of the year, Jamie Genevieve is a world first

It contains organic DHA, Scottish Lavender oil and CBD extracted from organically grown cannabis plants from Colorado. In a fine water mist it builds an even tan in just  four hours and takes just SECONDS to apply.

It’s fragranced naturally with soothing anti-bacterial lavender oil, designed to calm redness and battle breakouts for even the most sensitive skin.

Prefer the smell of Coconuts? 

In that case, get the same result with utan’s hydrating and multi-award winning Coconut Tanning Water created with coconut extracts and cooling aloe. utan’s tanning waters are £18 but you can get them today for just £11.98.

For an all-over body tan, utan’s Turbo Mousse is the beauty guru’s best kept secret for a natural, express tan. Leave it on for a few hours for a medium tan or the longer you leave it, the darker it develops. Normally £24 you can get it for just £16.08 for a limited time.

Use our code MAIL33 at utan.co.uk or get this discount automatically applied in most Superdrug stores nationwide.  

Got a holiday planned and want a helping boost to your natural tan?

utan Gummies with patent pending technology have helped people spend a reduced time exposed to the sun and UV rays while still developing a faster and darker tan. 

Micronutrients from the gummies are absorbed in the mouth so they avoid more of the body‘s stomach acids, compared to traditional tanning supplements.

Check out the utan Tan Gummies and Vaycay Gummies and discover a natural tan with less time in the sun.   

And pick them up for just £11.98 at utan.co.uk (code MAIL33) or in Superdrug stores nationwide.

‘They are honestly unreal, I’ve never been so brown in my life! This is my tan after last week’s heatwave! Can we take a moment please’ Demi Sims, UTAN customer 


Taylor Baker 

“People mention how lovely and brown I look, asking if I’ve been away. I’ve even asked if I’m Spanish by a customer at work haha! “

Taylor says: “For the face, CBD Tanning Water is my absolute favourite. You just spritz it over clean skin and the next day my face has a beautiful colour and glow.”

Taylor likes to go super dark with utan’s Cherry Almond Mousse. It can be rinsed off in a couple of hours for a light glow or keep it on overnight like Taylor for a deep bronze for party season

“I’m very fair naturally and a lot of tanners don’t work for me. Because I’m so pale they tend to look yellow or orangey but utan gives me a beautiful natural looking brown colour

Taylor said: “The Cherry Turbo Mousse has a delicious cherry almond smell rather than making me stink of biscuits like other self tanners

“The Cherry Turbo Mousse has a delicious cherry almond smell rather than making me stink of biscuits like other self tanners, so I can let it develop through the day without smelling like a pack of digestives. 

“I’ve never experienced that dreaded streaky finish with it as it has a guide colour for easy application. You can see where you’ve been and blends with a tanning mitt like a dream

“For the face, CBD Tanning Water is my absolute favourite. You just spritz it over clean skin and the next day my face has a beautiful colour and glow that’s completely even with no streaks! 

“When I don’t feel like wearing makeup I can go out and about my day fresh faced.” 

If you want to try this new way to tan, save yourself a huge 1/3 off the price for a limited time with our code MAIL33 at utan.co.uk or visit your closest Superdrug store.  

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