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‘You’re now a mum of four children’: Murder trial hears of fatal blows

Minutes after Samantha Kelly was bludgeoned to death, the woman who had coveted her kids was told by her alleged accomplice that she was ‘‘now the mother of four children’’.

‘‘It’s about time,’’ Christine Lyons replied, the Supreme Court heard in chilling evidence.

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Ronald Lyons enters court on Monday.

Photo: Chris Hopkins

Peter Arthur, 46, the man who struck Ms Kelly at least seven times with a hammer, on Monday told the court that after killing the mother of four in a bungalow early one morning in January 2016, he went back into the house and told his partner, Ms Lyons, and their housemate, Ronald Lyons, that Ms Kelly was dead.

‘‘I told Christine the job was done, where she turned around to Ronald and said to go and make sure Samantha is dead,’’ Arthur said.

‘‘Ronald got out of his chair, walked out to the unit and came back and said: ‘Yes, you’re the mother of four children‘.